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What is Autism NOW?

What is Autism NOW?

 Autism NOW

You know how some children with Autism have difficulty communicating and often jump up and down flailing their arms because that is the only way they know how to communicate their needs to their loved ones or the people around them.  Well, music therapists can immediately dissolve that behavior through the use of music and rhythm that is specifically chosen to help them regulate their systems and use improvisational songs to encourage and inspire vocal and verbal responses, thus, enabling them to communicate more effectively and even use their voice for the first time.


People with autism are often labeled as being a ‘behavior problem’ and ‘mentally retarded’ whenever there is an odd behavior, such as flailing their arms, jumping up and down repeatedly, rocking side to side, making vocal noises while clapping their hands, etc.  What if there was another explanation for these ‘behaviors’.  New research and a new paradigm are shifting the belief that people with autism have cognitive difficulties and that much of their movement is involuntary.  These movement patterns are a way for these individuals to communicate because they are not given effective ways to communicate.


The new paradigm is looking at autism as those that have movement differences and processing difficulties.  Most of their movements are involuntary or visually driven and they often have difficulty initiating, sustaining, and inhibiting movement patterns.  This is why people with autism often fail or have difficulty on standardized tests because they require intact motor and communication skills.  Sign language does not work with individuals with autism either because that requires intact motor functioning.  Neurologic music therapy is very effective because it uses rhythm and music to directly impact the motor system.  NMT techniques are scientifically and clinically proven to enhance communication and motor functioning in those with autism.


Neuroscientists researching the affects of music and rhythm on the brain are finding that rhythm and music primes the motor system.  The motor system synchronizes to auditory-rhythmic cues sub-consciously in those with neurologic impairments.  So, when given those cues, individuals with autism can regulate their systems and express themselves at a faster rate than when given visual cues. Providing external auditory rhythmic cues while participating in drumming can prepare the body and central nervous system for appropriate interactions during cognitive tasks or social engagements.


Bring your loved one or child in for an evaluation with Cami and find out if Neurologic Music Therapy would be beneficial for them.

Registration and enrollment is open now! 


Register at: and for more information about music therapy please check out


Contact: Cami Smith at for questions or inquiries about music therapy.





Summer CAMP!

Villa Musica Summer Camps!

REGISTER today before spots fill up!
REMEMBER, all private students are eligible to enroll in one group class per semester at a 25% DISCOUNT!

Music Adventures!

Ages: 5-8 (4 year olds accepted if separation is a non-issue)

Description: Learn about Music-Singing, Karate Recorder, make and play their own percussion instruments, movement, field trip and a performance at the end of the week!


Session I: June 23-27

Session II: July 7-11 (CANCELLED)

Session III: July 28-August 1

Session IV: August 11-15

Times: 9am-3:30pm (early drop off and pick up available)

Cost: $250

Summer Camp for Young Singers

Ages: 13-17

Description: Audition preparation; addressing stage fright; acting, movement and yoga for singers; private coachings; exploring “The Third Line” and Master classes with Master teachers! Showcase on Friday.

Dates: June 16-20

Times: 9am-5:30PM

Cost: $325

Camp GLEE!

Ages: 8-12

Description: Acting/presentation class; dance/movement class; singing class; music theory; anatomy of voice; yoga; showcase on Friday!

Dates: August 4-8

Times: 9am-3:30PM

Cost: $275

Summer Camp for Young Strings Players

Description: Work in an ensemble; hone solo skills; make new friends; classes in string technique, posture and movement; fiddle playing; chamber music; field trip and performance!


  • Session I: Beginning Strings (Ages 5-8): July 14-18
  • Session II: Intermediate Strings (Ages 7-10): July 21-26

Times: 9am-3:30pm

Cost: $275

Flute Mania! – Just for Flutes

Ages: Middle School Age Range/Level

Description: Duet and trio repertoire; hone flute skills; half-day camp!

Dates: August 4-8

Times: 10am-1pm

Cost: $185

Teen Rock Band Camp

Ages: 13-17

Description: Be a member of Villa Musica’s School of Rock; Learn classic rock tunes, techniques, and history; Friday evening concert 
August 18-22

Times: 9am-3:30PM

Cost: $275


Project Cabaret

Come enjoy a night of Love, Laughter and Lust (ooh)… and all for a good cause.

Villa Musica’s Project Cabaret is a fundraiser for our Financial Aid program which enables students to participate in our programs regardless of their ability to pay.

A night of Jazz standards accompanied by the “dulcit” tones of our Jazz 101 Big Band

Hear favorites like: “Bewitched”, “All of Me”, and “Fly me to the Moon” and much, much more…


Just 2 shows only!

Friday August 22 and Saturday August 23, 2014

Tickets are $25 (includes wine, cheese and dessert)

Doors open at 6pm

Show starts at 7pm

To purchase tickets please email Hanna at:

OR Call 858-550-8100

Seating is limited!