The Cabaret Project – SOLD OUT

project-cabaret-poster-jpegJoin the cast of Villa Musica’s Cabaret Project as we transform Villa Musica’s recital hall into a Cabaret Venue for two nights – complete with piano and rhythm section, wine and cheese.

All proceeds from this wonderful event go to our scholarship fund.



2017 – Our Best Show Yet!

Life is a cabaret, and cabaret reflects life.  Join us in an intimate cafe-style setting where our singers and jazz combo will open their hearts to you and entertain you as well.  We will take you on journeys of love, sorrow, laughter, heartache, joy, desire and faith.  Wine and dessert provided.  Don’t miss this show!

All proceeds from this wonderful event go to our scholarship fund. 










Bios of performers:

Ensie Blume: Ensie is a math diva who enjoys singing and the musical world. She coaches her two sons piano, painting, and engineering, but now it is time for her own first cabaret performance.  Thank you Villa Musica for the opportunity and thank you to my family and our little dog for the support!


Constance Heidari: Constance is a researcher and writer on metaphysical and spiritual subjects. She is also the author of three books, “The Encyclopedia of Angels,” “The Encyclopedia of God” and “The Encyclopedia of the Unseen World.” In addition, Constance is a wife and mother of two teenagers Kion and Shireen, both performers. After raising a family, Constance is pursuing her life long desire to sing. The Cabaret Project is the beginning of that journey.


Michael Mazaika: Mike grew up in New York City listening to and singing country music in addition to rock & roll, which made him really popular. After may years of silence he started lessons at Villa Musica 6 years ago and thanks to their wonderful staff he has sung with the Villa Musica chorus, his church choir, and now with Cabaret.


Carolyn McClain: Carolyn delights in being a part of Cabaret shows.  After a long career in technology, she retired to enjoy travel, the outdoors, reading, yoga – and singing.  She dotes on her dog, Lava, and husband, Fred.  She’s become mesmerized by Hamilton, the musical and the man.


Ryan Scott: Ryan is an embedded software developer by trade. He played piano and drums while growing up but didn’t start singing until he joined a choir more than 10 years ago! This is is his first solo performance!