(formerly Villa Musica’s Creative Aging Program)

Villa Musica’s ENCORE! program is open to all senior San Diegans seeking a creative musical community to develop their musical understanding and/or ability in a nurturing and supportive environment.


“The field of Creative Aging focuses on the beneficial and powerful role of the arts in enhancing the quality of life for older adults and has gained significant recognition as an important contributor to positive aging efforts. Researchers are discovering that the aging brain is far more plastic than previously understood, and that structured learning – especially in the arts — can improve cognitive functioning and quality of life. A landmark 2006 study by Dr. Gene Cohen, known as The Creativity and Aging Study, found true health promotion and disease prevention effects for older adults who were actively engaged in professionally conducted arts learning programs. For those of us who are arts practitioners – this research proves what we’ve always known to be true – the arts are good for you.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Lifetime Arts www.lifetimearts.org

FREE Encore! community Recitals

11am – September 8, Peninsula Shepherd Center
11:30am – September 15, Bayside Community Center
11:30am – October 13, Bayside Community Center
11:30am – November 17, Bayside Community Center
11:30am – December 15, Bayside Community Center
11:30am – January 12, Bayside Community Center
11:30am – February 16, Bayside Community Center
11:30am – March 16, Bayside Community Center
11:30am – April 13, Bayside Community Center
11:30am – May 18, Bayside Community Center
11:30am – June 15, Bayside Community Center






Interested in joining us Or would Like to set up a Community Recital?

Please let us know by calling Villa Musica at (858) 550-8100

Email our Director of Community Partnerships – Nina Baker nbaker@villamusica.org


ENCORE! – Class Descriptions


Community Recital Series 
Hear our world-class faculty perform at our monthly lunch-time concert series. Villa Musica’s artist/teachers are showcased in a monthly recital that encompasses a question and answer period where audience members can ask about the instrument or the repertoire they have just heard.


Your Life Story:Explorations in Memory & Music

Even for those of us who have never sung or played a musical instrument, music is an integral part of our culture—in writing our own memoirs, music can also be part of the way we record, process, and re-imagine events both great and small in our lives. Our central question, as we read, write, and listen to a variety of memoirs, is: how do music and memory intertwine in our lives, and how can we use them to spark our own writing processJoin us as we explore the writing of our life stories in memory and music. We will begin each session reading articles on the craft of memoir, followed by in-class writing exercises. This workshop series is intended for writers of all levels.



Bring your voice and a sense of fun for this “drop-in” morning singing program. Remember old favorites like Bicycle Built for Two and Alexander’s Rag-Time Band? Join us to sing the Golden Oldies in a fun, social environment. We’ll even do some show tunes!