Daniel Moyer Voice


Daniel Moyer holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in vocal music. He recognized the transformative power of music at an early age and made it his goal to share the joy of music-making with others. A passionate performer and music educator, Mr. Moyer teaches individual voice lessons as well as group singing programs and classroom music.


Mr. Moyer’s experience as both a soloist and a member of an ensemble includes performances of choral masterworks, chamber music, opera, and oratorio as well as musical theatre, folk, and jazz music. Since moving to San Diego in 2013, Mr. Moyer has sung with a number of organizations including: the San Diego Master Chorale, SACRA/PROFANA, San Diego Pro Arte Voices, South Coast Chamber Choir, and Folklore Music Guild.


As an instructor, Daniel believes in fostering the natural inclinations of each individual to further develop their musicianship and promote musical growth. Since each student brings his or her own unique experiences and individual musical goals, Daniel is welcoming to students of widely ranging musical backgrounds. Mr. Moyer utilizes classical vocal pedagogy to develop the vocal instrument, while also emphasizing the importance of fundamental musical skills such as music reading, sight-singing, basic piano skills, and stylistic interpretation.