Family Folk Jam

At Villa Musica, we have long wanted to offer a folk music jam session, but as an education organization we acknowledge that first and foremost “jamming” presumes a certain sense of readiness to play. So we decided to offer a program to teach you HOW to jam!


Now we are launching our first group class dedicated to old time string band music! Old Time music is part of the beautiful musical heritage of America, born from the potent mixture of beautiful Scotch-Irish fiddle melodies and irresistible West African rhythms of the banjo. Old Time music has always been a social activity for dances or ‘down home’ gatherings, and that makes it a perfect introduction to group playing and jamming.


No instrument will be turned away, but the following instruments represent a traditional instrumentation and would be highly encouraged: violin, cello, bass (upright or electric), acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, and piano. Prior experience playing old time music is NOT REQUIRED. The ability to read music is encouraged but not mandatory. Requisite skills for each instrument are listed below:


Violinists should be able to
-play G, A, C, and D major scales and A minor (natural); arpeggios; and scales in alternating thirds (G, B, A, C, etc) in first position.
-play sixteenth note patterns at quarter note = 80 minimum
-tune strings for alternate tunings (GDGD, etc)
-play mild syncopations and dotted rhythms


Cellists and Bassists should be able to
-Play the following scales: G, A, C, and D major, and A minor
-Play with a bow or pizzicato
-Read chord charts


Pianists should be able to
-Play the following Major Chords: C,F,G,D,A,E, and A minor
-play simple accompaniment patterns (e.g. alternating between root notes in left hand and triads in r.h.)
-read chord charts in which only the name of a chord is given


Guitarists, Banjoists, and Mandolinists should be able to
-play the following Major Chords: C,F,G,D,A,E, and A minor
-strum or play these chords in 3/4 and 4/4 time
-read chord charts
-banjoists playing in clawhammer or three-finger “scruggs style” are welcome

When: Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm
Age Group: All ages
Number of Participants: min.6
Course Fee: $90 (9 weeks) April 19th-June 14th, 2017
Instructor: Clinton Davis

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