JAZZ Ensemble

The Villa Musica’s Jazz Ensemble Program is open to musicians who have intermediate to advanced proficiency on their instruments and a curiosity about improvisation in the jazz genre! Participants in this class will focus on building repertoire for performance, learning theory, and developing improvisation.  By the end of this 10 week course each musician will have learned to improvise on blues, modal, and other standard jazz forms. This class will also participate in a showcase at the end of the semester
No audition necessary.


When: Sundays 7:00-8:30 pm

Who: Teens, Youth and Adults

Participants: Min. 6 Max. 12

Course Fee: $220 (16 weeks)

Instructor: Isaac Crowe


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Prerequisites: Basic proficiency on your instrument (major scales, knowing where the
notes on your instrument are), a trained musical ear, familiarity with major and minor
scales, good reading skills, and basic knowledge of chords (triads).