Villa Musica Partners with Schools

Villa Musica provides quality music education to schools across the county. Our programs generally fall into two categories: Outreach and Enrichment.

Outreach programs serve children at schools designated Title I and/or educate children in Communities of Promise. These programs are offered free of charge.

Enrichment Programs are offered at schools across the county as after-school programs for a fee. In addition to after-school music classes, Villa Musica also provides full grade, curriculum-based music education during the school day. These programs are usually supported by a school’s PTA and are designed to enhance the music education that the school district in that area offers.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe – Lower Campus (OUTREACH) Violin – 3 levels – K-3 Twice a week
Our Lady of Angels – Upper Campus (OUTREACH) Violin – 2 levels – Grades 4-8 Twice a week
Kate Sessions Elementary School (ENRICHMENT) Full school music program TK-5 TK-2 – General Music, Grade 3 Recorder/World Music, Grade 4 Guitar/Mandolin, Grade 5 Music technology
Ronald McDonald House schoolroom (OUTREACH). Weekly music classes for kids enrolled. K-12