Villa Musica’s Steinway Restoration Fund


In April of last year Jane Wolgemuth, of La Jolla, decided to donate a family heirloom to Villa Musica. Since 1965 The Wolgemuth Steinway was a cherished family member. Not only did all of the Wolgemuth family children (including Jane) take piano lessons but Jane’s mother was a professional pianist and teacher for many years.


The piano, according to San Diego Steinway guru Russell Berkley, is “a gem”. It is in excellent condition with an uncompromised sound-board and excellent general structure. With a 2012 makeover this piano will be worth $70 – $80,000. That’s where YOU come in!


In 2007, we successfully bought a Steinway Baby Grand key by key.


Now we are launching “Club 85” (there are only 85 keys on this old girl) to raise enough money to refurbish the Wolgemuth piano back to its former glory.


Each Key is $157

A whole octave is $1884


Why not buy a key (or even an octave) to help us with the refurbishment? Choose your favorite pitch, name it after your family, yourself or your grand kids. Your name will go onto the new keyboard chart in the hallway at Villa Musica and you will be helping us bring this wonderful instrument back into music-making condition. Students young and old will, again, be able to present their work on this historically significant instrument.


To reserve a key (or an octave) just click on one of the buttons bellow. All donations are tax deductible. Your donation will be acknowledged officially with a letter to be retained for your 2012 taxes.