Help us show our thanks by joining our letter writing campaign! We're sending letters and postcards to first responders in San Diego. Write one (or ten! or twenty!) letters, send it to us at 10373 Roselle Str., Ste. 170, San Diego, CA 92121, and we will send them on their way to hospitals, fire stations, and police stations in San Diego!

Download the PDF of our letter template either in color or in black & white. Then, tell our first responders a little about yourself. For example: your first name, your instrument, and what you like about music. Lastly, tell them what you appreciate about them!

If you would rather draw a picture than write a letter, download the PDF of our postcard template! Draw a portrait of you practicing or listening to music on the front. Then use the back of the postcard to write a short note to thank a first responder for their time and care.