Aaron Brenes – Development Manager



Aaron is one of the seemingly rare folks who was born and raised in San Diego and has essentially remained here for most of his life. Imbued with a love of music by his dad, an avid jazz and classical vinyl collector, Aaron dabbled in several instruments (piano, trumpet, guitar) as a young student. While attending college at UC Santa Barbara he attended many concerts and festivals, only deepening his appreciation for a variety of genres of music. His degree from UCSB consists of a major in political science and a minor in philosophy. For the past several years he has worked at the San Diego Symphony in their Institutional Advancement department. It is in this time at the Symphony that he truly fell in love with fundraising for the arts and doing his small part to ensure that the San Diego community has vibrant arts institutions.

Some of his hobbies and interests are interior design, gardening, hiking, spontaneous dance parties and style. He claims to own more sneakers than any sane person should and has developed a passion/obsession for house plants in quarantine. Aaron is thrilled to bring his passion for music and fundraising experience to Villa Musica, and maybe take a music class or two himself!