Adult Group Singing: Choral Singing & Musicianship 101


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Adult Group Singing: Choral Singing & Musicianship 101

Have you ever wanted to pause choir rehearsal and get a quick download of all the things you don’t understand yet? Maybe you get along just fine, but good luck trying to explain it or help someone new. If you’re an aspiring or even longtime choral singer/musician, this 10-week class will help you become a better and more knowledgeable singer. Along the way, discussion and flexibility will let you bring up confusing situations or a question you’ve always had (even if you’ve been singing for YEARS!). No question is a dumb question. See you online!


Week 1 – Choral singing: what’s the big difference singing in a group?
Week 2 – Our Body the Instrument: how am I making all these sounds?
Week 3 – Your Section: ranges, voice cracks, and what to listen for
Week 4 – Multitasking: tone & breath & diction, oh my!
Week 5 – Reading Music Pt. 1: what do all these black dots and symbols mean anyway?
Week 6 – Reading Music Pt. 2: sightreading rhythms & notes?! Gotta be kidding me
Week 7 – “I’ve got Rhythm”
Week 8: Rehearsal strategies: mark & memorize music quickly
Week 9 – Translator needed: conductor & rehearsal slang/etiquette
Week 10 – Keep your voice singing! Zoom rehearsals, motivation, voice exercises

When: Mondays, 7:15-8:15pm
Instructor: Elly Roseberry
Number of Participants: min. 4, max. 10
Course Fee: $125