Adult Group Singing


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Adult Group Singing
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Join us for a fun, interactive group class where all levels of singing experience are welcome. This 10-week class covers a variety of topics, to help you become a better and more knowledgeable singer from your living room. You’ll also get the chance to present what you’re learning in optional Masterclasses along the way. See you online!


Week 1 – Singing online: Zoom technique, tips and tricks
Week 2 – Our Body the Instrument: voice anatomy & posture

Week 3 – Resonance, ranges, and voice cracks (Musical Theatre style examples)
Week 4 – Masterclass

Week 5 – Song choices: finding sheet music & what’s “right” for your voice

Week 6 – Reading music: how to learn and mark sheet music & memorization tricks
Week 7 – Tone quality/colors, breath control, and support (Cabaret style examples)

Week 8 – Masterclass

Week 9 – Make music with others online (ie. duets, shows, open mics)

Week 10 – Open Mic Night! (virtually  – invite all friends & family)

When: Tuesdays, 7:15-8:30pm

Number of Participants: min. 4, max. 10
Course Fee: $225
Instructor: Elly Roseberry