Intersection Arts (iArts)- featuring Nina Montejano

Villa Musica will be presenting a new event featuring the intersection between music and the arts. On Sunday, February 9th we will be hosting a gallery opening featuring the series of work called “As an Artist, I have a Lot of Time on my Hands” of local visual artist Nina Montejano.  

Nina writes the following about the series, “As an Artist, I have a Lot of Time on My Hands is a series of drawings about the challenges of beginning a career as an artist, including fitting making into daily life, working despite others’ beliefs about artistic pursuits, and finding meaning within everything created. Each work in the series includes a graphite drawing of a still life found and created during my day at the front desk of a museum – my first “real” job after graduating college. Each drawing is paired with a typed comment from a random stranger who has spoken to me about my work and being an artist. I have carried these phrases with me for as long as I can remember. While I may not remember who has said them to me, the phrases have made me question me work, my path, and my reasoning for making and pursuing both.”