Laura Hodge – Facilitator


Laura is a dance and theatre master educator, choreographer, director, performing artist, and Voiceover Artist with experience as Executive Artistic Director of San Diego Creative Arts Project and Rosarito Dance Theatre. Her work is respected from coast to coast, and Mexico. Laura is originally from Pittsburgh, then moved to Los Angeles, and has been planted in San Diego for the past 20 years. She has performed in numerous musical theatre productions, dance companies, touring companies, film, and television, is a union member of SAG-Screen Actors Guild, and does various voice over work. Recently, Laura has been writing, directing, and producing original scripts for modern versions of old fairy tales, with bi-national productions in San Diego, Tijuana, and Rosarito. Laura has also created and produced several live and video performance pieces for San Diego LGBTQ Pride – “Light Up the Cathedral” and “La Ruta del Blues de México.” Currently, Laura is teaching dance, theatre, and visual arts to youth, adults, and seniors throughout San Diego County as well as running Encore Creative Arts Camps, and classes for her company, San Diego Creative Arts Project.

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