Saki – piano

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Saki is an artist of many trades.

As a musician, Saki’s main instrument is piano. She also plays accordion, guitar, harp, organ, violin, keytar, and guqin. She has been in several San Diego rock bands and also has a solo project called A Stray Catalyst. Saki has been teaching piano since 2006 and performing since 1995.

Besides being a musician, Saki has been a scientist, pastry chef, designer and tailor, software engineer, painter, math and science teacher, cosplay arts instructor, bartender, and cat trainer. One might say she’s a jack of all trades, master of none, but she does have a master’s degree in Molecular Biology from UCSD, where she also got a B.A. in Piano Performance.

During her free time, Saki is likely to be found doing any of the following: writing poetry, making silly YouTube videos, sewing costumes, baking dessert, indoor rock climbing, or cuddling with her cat Rocky.