Sharon Popp


Sharon Popp worked in special education and held special education administrative roles throughout the county for more than 20 years. She earned her BA degree from the University of Oregon and her MA from SDSU.  Sharon, along with her husband Dean who worked in the Economics Department and campus administration at SDSU, retired in 2002, and now enjoy traveling, gardening, and following their favorite sports teams including the Aztecs and Ducks. They each volunteer in numerous capacities, the favorite being in a kindergarten classroom, 4-5 mornings per week, for which their daughter, Amy, is the teacher.

A friend who is a long time supporter of Villa Musica, introduced Sharon to the Villa Musica Community Chorus in January of 2011. It was love at first chord. Sharon continues with the chorus as well as weekly voice lessons.

Sharon’s reason for wanting to participate on the Villa Musica Board is to support Villa Musica’s mission to provide access to music to children in communities where those opportunities aren’t available or are very limited.