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Songwriting Workshop

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POP/ROCK Songwriting workshop is for teens & advanced tweens who have good instrumental proficiency in one area (such as voice, violin, guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, or drums) but would like to branch out, and begin writing their own songs.  The main requirement for the workshop is a spirit of curiosity.

Our main goal is to demystify songwriting—creativity is for everyone.  The most comfortable way to write takes what you already know about music, and expands from there.  If you can play a single scale, you can create a melody.  If you know just a few chords, there are plenty of great two chord songs, but you can learn how chords exist within the key system.  And if you speak a language, you can write lyrics—great songs start with a single sentence or phrase.

In addition to using what we already know, we’ll learn the basics of genre, form, and theory that all songwriters rely on.  What’s a chorus?  What’s a hook?  What do melodies by Bob Dylan and Lady Gaga have in common?  How do songwriters listen differently from normal people?  The answers to these questions will make it easier to write without writer’s block.  Our discussions and exercises will depend on students’ particular tastes in music, but we’ll focus on key differences between Rap, Rock, Pop, and Country.

The class is also open to students who are already writing songs.  Part of what we’ll talk about is how to polish songs that are mostly complete, and we’ll end the workshop with an “informance” including both finished songs, and songs in-progress.  The classes and the informance will be held online, via Zoom, so enrollment is limited.

When: Saturdays 6:00-7:30pm
Age Group: 13-18 years (advanced 12 year olds welcome)
Number of Participants: min. 4, max.10
Course Fee: $225 (10 weeks)
Instructor: Steve Willard