Soran Dalawi – guitar


Classical guitarist Soran Dalawi completed undergraduate Performance studies at San Diego State University under guitarist Robert Wetzel and is a performer on the SDSU Adam’s Project Artist Network. Entranced by the various styles of modern guitar music throughout the world, Soran plans to share these newer works with audiences while bringing many staples in guitar literature to the concert stage. He has participated in festivals in both northern California and Mexico where he played in masterclasses for award-winning guitarists Scott Tennant, William Kanengiser, and Andrew York, among others.

From late 2013 through the year 2014, Soran worked in a music therapy program that was a joint effort between SDSU and Scripps Green hospital. He was one of several artists that brought live music into the hospital for visitors, staff, and patients in the form of private “mini-recitals” at their bedside.

As a teacher, Soran has spent the past 8 years teaching private lessons. In 2014 he worked with a group of guitarists in Baja who were organizing an all-ages guitar orchestra, comprised of instrumentalists of skill levels ranging from beginner to professional. The goal of this ensemble was to gather guitarists of differing levels from various cities throughout Baja and San Diego to play together. Soran runs after-school group courses for Villa Musica, as well as weekend group classes offered at the Malcolm X library satellite.