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The Bus' Beginnings

Music on the Move, San Diego! grew out of a program we developed to serve the seniors who had become severely isolated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With support from The National Endowment for the Arts, The San Diego Senior Community Foundation, The California Arts Council, The Art Pratt Foundation, and the Commission for Arts and Culture, Villa Musica was able to expand its reach to seniors. With the help of our Music on the Move bus, we were able to present musical programming and performances that allow seniors access to music, right in their communities!

Although our bus was launched as as a way to bring performers and programming to seniors directly, we continue to expand its usefulness in a myriad of ways. Our Music on the Move bus is often used to bring our students and ensemble members to and from performance opportunities and other events, as the ability to pack one vehicle with all of the performers and equipment for an event allows us to continue this type of community-based music programming. Our bus is a real game-changer!

Why Seniors?

Isolation is a serious problem in the lives of many American seniors. It’s a health risk not often discussed, but at least a quarter of seniors over 65 live with it. Human contact and interaction are essential parts of the human condition, and without a sense of community individuals, and our society as a whole, are at risk. Playing an instrument or singing provides an outlet for self-expression, creativity, dedication, skill development, adaptability, and a myriad of other important interactions. Providing seniors with access to community and self-expression through our music programming is an integral part of our mission!

Bring the Bus to Your Community!

If you’re interested in organizing Lunchtime Recitals, Sing-Alongs, or Group Classes for your senior community or organization, please contact Remi via the email below.

ENCORE! Program Coordinator:
Remi Ha –