Payment Methods

How Do I Pay?

Once you’ve registered for a program, we’ll send you an invoice from Quickbooks, which you can pay by clicking the link in the email, or sending us a check, or putting your card on file with us.

Registration Fee:

An annual registration fee of $30 will be assessed to new students upon registration for account set-up. Families receiving financial aid will not be assessed this fee. All families pay this fee once per year per family. Another way the registration fee can be waived is to pay for your tuition via cash or check.

Check Payment

Families can set up Villa Musica as a biller through their bank’s online portal, which will allow the bank to automatically send a check for tuition each month. Or, families can mail checks to:

Villa Musica
10373 Roselle St
Ste. 170
San Diego, CA 92121.

Credit Card Payment

Families can sign up for automatic withdrawals to a card of their choosing by filling out the form below and submitting it to the office. Our accounting system will automatically deduct the outstanding tuition amount on the cardholder’s preferred day of the month.

Authorization Form

Private Lesson Policies

Helpful Tips:

  • Attend lessons regularly and be on time!
  • Practice every day in a quiet place. Remember: the quality is just as important as the quantity of practice time.
  • Keep your music and instrument orderly, and bring your music to your lessons.
  • Talk to your teacher about your goals and what steps need to be taken to achieve them.
  • Go to performances at every opportunity. There are many free and low cost concerts at Villa Musica, and we are often given discounted tickets to concerts in San Diego. Let yourself be inspired by other musicians.
  • Be patient and keep at it when road blocks appear. Your teacher is here to help you through!
  • Enjoy yourself!

Billing Policies

  • All students pay an annual registration fee of $30.
  • All invoices are sent in advance of lessons occurring for a base of 4 lessons each month.
    • Missed lessons: Students pay tuition regardless of attendance. Students must give the instructor at least 24 hours’ notice before an absence. An absence does not exempt the student from paying for the missed lesson. Make-up lessons for student absences are given at the discretion of the teacher. A student may accumulate up to two make-up lessons that will only be held for 60 days.
    • Bank lessons: There are months where you will be able to take 5 lessons instead of 4. That fifth lesson, or “bank lesson” may be taken, and can count as a make-up lesson should one be needed. Note: bank lessons are not free, and will be caught up with either via a student absence or increased billing.
  • Tuition is due by the 10th of the month. Any payment beyond that is considered late, and subject to a $25 late fee.
  • If you are having any issues with your account or need to apply for financial aid, please contact us at 858-550-8100 or BEFORE your tuition is due. We are always available to help!
  • There is a $30 returned check fee.
  • A loyalty discount of 10% exists for those who wish to pay for a whole year of lessons in advance, and a discount of 5% exists for those who wish to pay for 6 months of lessons in advance

Leave of Absence

Missing more than one consecutive lesson is considered a leave of absence. The front desk and private instructor requires two weeks’ written notice of leave, and upon approval, the applicable month’s tuition can be adjusted. When lessons are suspended, we cannot guarantee that a student’s regular lesson time will be available upon return. A leave of absence requires a return date. Before the leave of absence begins, the student will be billed for their return month’s tuition. In the case that a student does not return after a leave of absence, the return month’s tuition will be considered their 30-day notice of discontinuation.

Discontinuing Private Lessons

When a student no longer wants to continue private lessons, they must give the front office and their teacher 30-days written notice by submitting the form below. Once notice has been given, the student is expected to pay for four more lessons.

Villa Musica reserves the right to discontinue a student’s enrollment at any time for reasons including, but not limited to poor attendance, non-payment of fees, lack of interest or disruptive behavior. If the student is unenrolled due to non-payment of fees, they may resume lessons by paying the outstanding balance.

Group Class Policies

Helpful Tips

  • Arrive on time for class
  • Attend all sessions of your class
  • Always bring a pencil with a good eraser
  • Create a binder to keep your music in
  • Stay organized
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Make new friends
  • Come ready to learn and have fun!

Billing Policies

  • Registration closes after the second session
  • Tuition must be received before the first class
  • Private students receive a 15% discount on one group class per quarter
  • A family discount of 5% is available for anyone in the immediate family (adult or child) registered for a group class
  • For a pro-rated refund (minus a $10 processing fee), cancellation of registration must be sent to the front office before the third class session