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During the 2021/22 academic year we gave needs-based awards to 47 individuals totaling $45,892.

In keeping with Villa Musica’s mission, San Diegans from all socio-economic sectors can now participate in our quality music programs. With the support of our generous donors the Villa Musica Financial Aid award fund supports subsidized tuition awards on a sliding scale to all members of the community in need.

Financial Aid is awarded to students for 30 minute lessons in one instrument. If you wish to augment this award in any way – either by taking a longer lesson or adding a second instrument you will need to submit a form with your teachers signature and a letter of request for further funding.

All Financial Aid is given at the discretion of the Villa Musica Board of Directors. If you are interested in applying for Financial Aid please fill out an application form and you will be contacted within one week.

Needs based scholarships are granted under the following conditions:

  • Students who receive a scholarship must attend a minimum of 80% of group class sessions or their enrollment will be revoked.
  • Students receiving Financial Aid for private lessons must be dedicated and exhibit exemplary attendance and practice ethics.
  • Application for Financial Aid must be received prior to the commencement of classes.
  • Students and/or their parents will be asked to volunteer with Villa Musica no less than 3 times during each academic year.
Financial Aid ApplicationFinancial Aid Award Adjustment Request