Villa Musica Partners with Schools

Villa Musica provides quality music education to schools across the county. Our programs generally fall into two categories: Outreach and Enrichment.

Outreach programs serve children at schools designated Title I and/or educate children in Communities of Promise. These programs are offered free of charge.

Enrichment Programs are offered at schools across the county as after-school programs for a fee. In addition to after-school music classes, Villa Musica also provides full grade, curriculum-based music education during the school day. These programs are usually supported by a school’s PTA and are designed to enhance the music education that the school district in that area offers.

Click on one of the buttons below to learn about our programs and which schools we serve.

Our Lady of Guadalupe – Lower Campus (OUTREACH) Violin – 3 levels – K-3
Our Lady of Angels – Upper Campus (OUTREACH) Violin – 2 levels – Grades 4-8
Ronald McDonald House schoolroom (OUTREACH). Weekly music classes for kids enrolled. K-12
Del Mar Heights School (ENRICHMENT) After-school glee clubs for 2nd-4th grade.
Standley Middle School (OUTREACH) Sting Zing program for beginning and advance orchestra, instrument repairs.
La Jolla Country Day School (ENRICHMENT) After-school private lessons offered on site for all instruments and grade levels.
Carson Elementary (OUTREACH) In-School Program: 5th-grade music and technology “Beat Making” class.
Albert Einstein Academy (ENRICHMENT) After-school program: violin for 2nd and 3rd grade.
Urban Discovery Academy (ENRICHMENT) After-school program: Music and Technology “Beat Making” class.
King Chavez Academy of Excellence (OUTREACH) in-school program: Music and Technology “Beat Making” class.
LePort Montessori (ENRICHMENT) After-school program: Music Adventures
Kearny Senior High (OUTREACH) After-school program: band boost. In-school piano and guitar lessons
Montgomery Middle School (OUTREACH) After-school program: Band Boost
Taft Middle School (OUTREACH) After-school program: Band Boost

Enrichment Programs for Academic Year 2018/19