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Prop 28

Villa Musica is currently identifying how we can best support local schools as this funding rolls out.
We anticipate being able to assist schools in the design of music curriculum as required by the State in order to receive funding.

For any questions pertaining to Prop 28 or the services we can provide, please reach out to:

Director of Community Partnerships:
Aaron Bullard –

In November of 2022, Californians overwhelmingly passed Proposition 28, which will bring a huge increase of arts education funding to California schools!

Advocates say the investment is long overdue, as arts education has declined in most districts, particularly those in low-income areas. While the state requires some form of arts education in grades 1 – 6, it is up to the districts to decide how to fund and implement it. The result unfortunately has been an inconsistent patchwork of arts programs that leave many children with little exposure to music, art, etc.

Proposition 28 funds will be distributed according to enrollment, with 70% based on overall enrollment and 30% based on Title I enrollment.