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Why I Give...
A message from our Board Chair - Olivier Harismendy

La Musique double la Vie” (Music doubles life) wrote the French poet Sully-Prudhomme, first literature Nobel prize winner in 1901. Music is truly food for the soul, through life, irrespective of your origin, preferences, personal history, and culture. While everyone may experience musical performances, live or recorded, not everyone knows about the benefit of learning and practicing music, because of lack of access or exposure. From under-served children in our community, to adults brought up in unsupportive or less musically inclined households, I give so that Villa Musica can fill the gap and transform lives through music.

I give so that Villa Musica connects budding musicians to the best teaching artists who can nurture their talent. I give so that a child from City Heights knows he can take a violin home, practice and make his parents and neighbors proud. I give so that our teenagers start jamming with friends in their garages and create memories for life. I give so that our elderly in nursing homes can have a brighter day through the performances and sing-alongs of our ENCORE program. I give to our Musical Biographies initiative, so that children and caregivers learn what melodies lifts the spirit of their aging relatives before their memories completely fade away. I give so that music continues to be a great equalizer, keeping our community harmonious and connected. I give so that everyone gets a chance to realize that a musical experience, as performer or listener, can create a safe path to mindfulness and a lifelong mental haven.

My gift, your gift, will help transform lives though music. Thanks for supporting us and contributing to our mission.

Olivier Harismendy – Board Chair, Villa Musica
To contribute, click on the Paypal link above or send your tax-deductible donation to:

Villa Musica
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Villa Musica is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.
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