Why We Give.
A message from our Board of Directors

Many members of the Villa Musica Board of Directors had very positive music learning experiences as children that continue to impact our lives as adults. We feel that music gave something special to us, and so in turn, we give to Villa Musica. The common belief is that learning and practicing music transforms our lives by providing us with a life-long asset that grows in value. As the governing body that guides the organization’s mission, we believe that music inspires all people, and that Villa Musica does marvelous work for students of all ages, from all socio-economic levels and backgrounds.

Villa Musica helps the young discover a love and joy for music, and helps those in their later years find music that invigorates the soul. Villa Musica’s programming offers transformative experiences that change lives for the better. This is why we give. Please join us by becoming a donor today.

To contribute, click on the Paypal link above or send your tax-deductible donation to:

Villa Musica
10373 Roselle Street, Suite 170
San Diego, CA 92121
Villa Musica is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.
Tax Id# 20-3865008