Aaron Bullard – Cello

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Aaron is an active performer around San Diego as both a cellist and bass vocalist. He places high value in not only technical proficiency, but also in understanding the academic side of music: theory, history, and culture of the composers. Though he has been playing cello for almost 20 years, Aaron has found in the past few years that the inclusion of all these elements enriches his musical endeavors. He wishes to pass on the joy and liberating feeling of music making to any students willing to learn. His most recent teacher was Yao Zhao, the current principle cellist of the San Diego Symphony.

Aaron will help students in all aspects of their musical lives. It is important to work on both solo and ensemble pieces to create a well-rounded education. The skills learned in the practice room, such as dedication, teamwork, and self-confidence, can be translated into success throughout the rest of the student’s life.