Annette Giordano- Director of Communications and Messaging




Annette Giordano joined the Villa Musica Staff as the Director of Communications and Messaging in May 2023 after serving as a marketing advisor and serving on the Board of Directors for many years.  She is a former student of Dr. Fiona Chatwin from their UCSD days, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance (voice and percussion)  from UCSD and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Southern California.

Annette worked in the local San Diego performing arts scene for several years, having worked in marketing and sales for the La Jolla Music Society, the Starlight Theatre, the San Diego Repertory Theater and the San Diego Symphony, before branching out into corporate marketing and communications.  Annette has worked with a variety of companies large and small on digital marketing and communications initiatives spanning all areas of digital marketing.

Annette can sometimes be found in the percussion section of the VMSO, but more often she can be found running around with her daughter, Samantha, and coaching swimming or youth soccer.