Chamber Ensemble



Youth Chamber Ensemble (by audition only)

In this intimate setting, students will refine listening skills and subtleties of ensemble artistry while working on challenging and diverse repertoire. This ensemble will offer a supportive social environment of peers who are dedicated to advancing their own technique and musicianship.

Students in this group must have adequate music-reading skills and solid technical foundation from 3-4 years of private instruction on their instrument. Entry into this group is prefaced with a simple audition. Auditions are being held by appointment.

This is a great opportunity to train for orchestra auditions and prepare for honor orchestra. Students will work toward a concert for family and friends at the end of each quarter. Violins, violas, cellos, and basses welcome!


When: Wednesdays, 6 – 7pm (Spring Quarter: First Day of Class is April 5th, 2023)
Number of Participants: 16 maximum
Course Fee: $195 (10 weeks)
Instructor: Andre Beller


Audition requirements:

Please prepare a short 1-2 minute unaccompanied piece, which does not have to be memorized. Students will then be asked to play 1 of 3 prepared scales. There will also be a short sight-reading excerpt.

Violin scales:

  • 2 octave A Major
  • 1 octave F Major
  • 1 octave b natural minor

Viola and cello scales:

  • 2 octave D Major
  • 1 octave Bb Major
  • 1 octave b natural minor

To sign up for a time slot, or if you have any questions, please email Aaron Bullard at