Sharon Popp



Sharon Popp graduated from the University of Oregon with a BS, attended Purdue University for a short time and completed her Masters degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology and Special Education at SDSU. Sharon’s professional life was focused on working on programs for students with special needs, their teachers and families.

In 2007, Sharon joined the Villa Musica Community Chorus at the suggestion of neighbor, Mike Mazaika.  She is forever grateful to Mike for that nudge.  She has continued in the Community Chorus and has served on the Villa Musica Board of Directors both as a member, vice chair and chair.

Since its inception, Villa Musica has grown in many directions and dimensions and has served thousand of students of all ages.  Sharon has had the opportunity and delight to observe the growth of high quality programming for students and families in underserved schools, libraries and communities.

As exciting, is the benefit of the growing numbers of scholarships for qualifying young musicians, at its main campus in Sorrento Valley.

The range of programming that has been developed for Seniors is extraordinary. Sharon is particularly excited to support and to be able to volunteer in these programs, as well as to advocate for all of Villa Musica’s students, Teaching Artists and its fine Leadership Team.

Sharon Popp is excited to be back on the Villa Musica Board.