Theresa Kesser



Current Career – Opera Singer
Villa Musica Student – 2007-2012
Instructor – Fiona Chatwin

The environment at Villa Musica was always nurturing and supportive, and through my time there, I became a confident performer and musician. In my years of lessons with Fiona, I developed a passion for learning and the discipline I would need to become a professional opera singer. She instilled in me a love of new music, which has allowed me to participate in workshops of new operas with composers Joel Thompson (Houston Grand Opera) and Matthew Recio (Indiana University), among others. After my time at Villa Musica, I went on to study at the Yale School of Music. I have performed as a soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra in conjunction with Wolf Trap Opera. I know my accomplishments thus far would not be possible without the training I received from Fiona and the other faculty at Villa Musica. And as we survive this tumultuous time for the performing arts, it is the determination I gained while there that encourages me to continue finding and creating my own performance opportunities.

Fiona provided me with the space to grow and develop not only vocally, but also as a person. I participated in the summer camps for young singers multiple times, where I met friends that I still talk to and work with almost 15 years later. She also trusted me in a variety of capacities beyond the studio, hiring me to lead summer camps and workshops for young musicians and as a part time student liaison at the front desk. My time working at Villa Musica was as formative to me as my lessons were. Those duties that I held have allowed me to find steady work between shows and gigs.

Social Emotional Key Indicators: Theresa reported that the following were enhanced by her time at Villa Musica.
Critical Thinking, Perseverance, Capacity for Self-Expression, Discipline, Adaptability, Empathy, Leadership, Analysis