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5 Ways to Reduce Screen Time Through Music

During the time of COVID-19 and virtual classes, it may be hard to find time off of our phones, computers, and TVs. Here are five ways you can reduce screen-time through music, recommended to you by Villa Musica.

1. Sign up for music lessons at Villa Musica 

Learning how to play a new instrument can be invaluable for many reasons. The joy, accomplishment, and community that can be found through music can be transformative. While Villa Musica is hosting most of our private lessons online for the moment, the little bit of screen time leads to so much more time turning off the screens and focusing on your instrument. A 30 minute lesson online could lead to hours and hours of time off the screen as you practice your instrument and share music with others. 

In addition, Villa Musica is slowly moving back towards reopening! We have a handful of group classes in-person that will get you out of your house and into a social-distanced group of fellow music learners. 

2.  Play/ Practice your instrument

Do you have a guitar that has been gathering dust in the corner? Or a piano that is used more as a place to put things on instead of to play? A clarinet or trumpet you have not played since your years in high school or college band? Pick it up and see how much you remember or what

you can learn now that you are spending more time in your home. Reach out for some guidance from us if you feel the urge. We’ll help you get that dust off!

3. Listen to music

This is a simple one that you probably do all the time, but maybe don’t engage with on a deeper level. Put on a pair of headphones and listen intentionally to your favorite album, and really listen. Maybe you will hear a melody, an instrument or a riff that you have never heard before. Ask a friend for a recommendation from a lesser-known artist to expand your horizons, and maybe by the time concerts are a thing again you can share your newfound appreciation with your friend at a live performance! Play music that sets the mood while you are making dinner and make a stay-at-home event out of something you do everyday.

4. Dance and Sing

It sounds cliche, “Dance like nobody’s watching, sing like nobody’s listening,” but do it! Get up from your couch or your desk for a 15 minute dance or singing break to get your body moving and to connect with your favorite song of the moment.

5. Make your own DIY instrument

There are many tutorials on Youtube and across the internet that show you how to make instruments with household items! While this also includes some screen time, the act of creating something functional is very fulfilling. Get your creative juices flowing by seeing what you have around the house that you can repurpose into some kind of instrument. Get the whole family involved and you’ll have your own band!

Here are some videos we recommend: Cardboard Guitar ,Cardboard Piano, Maracas ,Rain Stick ,Popsicle Stick ,Kazoo