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By M.G. Perez

Dozens of San Diego elementary school students spent part of their weekend playing music designed by professionals at New York’s famous Carnegie Hall.

The local connection to world-class learning is provided by Villa Musica a local nonprofit organization that makes music accessible through education, lessons, and outreach to families who might not be able to afford it.

“When you say this is a Carnegie Hall initiative, it’s truly something that’s been thought out, well devised, and obviously they have the reputation,” said Fiona Chatwin, founder and Executive Director of Villa Musica.

Villa Musica partnered with La Jolla Symphony and Chorus in collaboration with Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute (WMI), during the 2022-2023 season. The world-famous concert venue provides the curriculum and resources for students to perform with professionals.

Executive Director of La Jolla Symphony and Chorus, Stephanie Weaver said, “The union of our two organizations creates an ideal ecosystem of music education and performance, planting the seeds for a lifelong relationship with music in our young students.”

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