Alicia Lozada – Facilitator


ALicia Lozada is a Mexican-American visual artist who uses the spectrum of emotional states as her primary theme. She earned her AAS-Graphic Design from Platt College San Diego in 2016. Lozada is a self taught painter, her works receiving First Place prizes in several galleries and local fairs. Her ambition led her straight into the field supporting local-small business owners and nonprofit organizations.  Her artworks are strongly influenced by the healing process and expressing different aspects of the human condition, coupled with the divine right to be connected to nature and god. Additionally, Lozada has spent her time traveling, connecting with other activists, and hosting events influenced by both immigration and the human rights movement in Virginia and the big island of Hawaii. Her works have been showcased in museums and galleries throughout the US, including Dragonfly Art Gallery and Museum of Art and History (MOAH).