Choir Fire



Choir Fire

Villa Musica will send out one of our expert faculty members to support and enhance current school ensembles by coaching specific instrument groups once per week during the ensembles’ normal class meeting time. With over 30 faculty on staff, we can offer support in any ensemble instrument needed. The goal of Band Boost/String Zing/Choir Fire is to give students a meaningful arts experience that enriches their lives by improving academic skills, building self-esteem, promoting a love of learning, and fostering self-discipline and confidence. These programs provide comprehensive music instruction for students, which includes an ensemble-enhancement course for children who are part of the District’s program, but are limited by their access to instruments and/or instruction due to budget constraints. This program enhances the instrumentalists’ experience by offering sectional study in small groups and provides mentorship for their musical development.

Want to learn more about Choir Fire? Interested in offering Choir Fire at your school?

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