Villa Musica Chamber Ensemble Masterclass Series



Villa Musica Chamber Ensemble – Masterclass Series

In this virtual setting, students will refine their listening skills and the subtleties of ensemble artistry while working on challenging and diverse repertoire. This class will offer a supportive social environment of peers who are dedicated to advancing their own technique and musicianship. Course material will include critical listening skills; analyzing professional performances, surveying musical periods, music theory instruction, and an introduction to arranging music.

This class will also provide a space for students to perform for one another with positive and constructive criticism from their peers in order to continue their growth on their instrument. Although live ensemble work is difficult on this platform, we will work towards mixing and mastering a performance that is recorded separately at home by each student.

Students in this group should have adequate music-reading skills and solid technical foundation. 3-4 years of private instruction on their instrument is recommended as a base. It is also recommended that participants in this class also sign up for a music theory course (see other virtual class options on this page) to supplement the learning trajectory.

This is a great opportunity to develop skills that make a well-rounded musician. All instruments welcome!
If you have any questions about your capacity for inclusion in this class, please email Aaron Bullard at

When: Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00pm
Number of Participants: min. 6 – max. 16
Course Fee: $120 (7 weeks)
Instructor: Aaron Bullard