String “FUN”damentals (5-6 years) Level III – Brillante


Weekly group instruction creates an encouraging learning environment for students by providing performance experience and peer interaction. Parents are encouraged to observe (and even participate) in the classes. Parental participation improves the quality of practice at home and provides support for the child. Students are required to rent or purchase an instrument prior to the first class. Classes are geared towards establishing ensemble as well as solo performing skills. The objective of classes is to promote the student’s interest in music and the instrument through interactive and fun approaches as well as through rewarding experiences of achievements.

Brillante (formerly Level III)
Beginner violin class for students who have met the Scherzo exit requirements or who have had an equivalent experience, duration 45min. Students learn correct posture and basic violin techniques. Learning to read music as well as playing by rote are both emphasized.

When: Not being offered in Fall 2021
Number of participants: max. 8 children
Course Fee: $170 (10 weeks)
Materials Fee: $15
Instructor: Nicole Shue