Mariana Jones – Early Childhood Music


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Mariana (Mari) came to San Diego to receive her BA in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies from the University of San Diego, where she pursued a minor in Comprehensive Music, and spent much of her time singing, playing piccolo, dancing baile folklórico, and acting. She has also completed her units in early childhood education in alignment with the Associate Teacher Level I Certificate of Achievement for the California Child Development Permit, and specializes in enrichment classes for infants, preschoolers and kindergarten students. Mari has always looked up to her mother, who works in early childhood education, and she is excited to be following in her footsteps and teaching early childhood music classes across San Diego.

Over the last several years, Mari has been working in music education and devoting her free time towards connecting with her Mexican heritage, and her passions for applied theatre and border advocacy. She has been studying and practicing Theatre of the Oppressed and community-based music applications to connect and work with those affected by the border crisis in Tijuana and San Diego.