Veronika Alter – cello



Cello instructor Veronika Alter is a graduate of SDSU. She has had the honor of studying with principal cellist of the San Diego Symphony, Yao Zhao, and has participated in masterclasses with world renowned chamber groups such as the Kronos, Brooklyn Rider and Formosa Quartets, as well as with cellists Dominique de Williencourt and Piotr Hausenplas. Ms. Alter has also participated in local and international music festivals, most notably the SDSU Connection with the internationally acclaimed Great Wall String Quartet.

Throughout her bachelor’s degree, she served as principal and co-principal cellist in the San Diego State Symphony Orchestra, SDSU Chamber Orchestra, and SDSU Opera Orchestra. She also performed both in the San Diego City Ballet and in numerous chamber groups. Ms. Alter’s great interest in Alexander Technique greatly informs her teaching and playing. She believes in the importance of learning how to practice efficiently and play without injury. Veronika Alter’s goal for herself and for her students is to play easily and passionately.