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The Royal Conservatory of Music at Villa Musica

By October 24, 2018Blog

Along with providing students with world class teachers and programming, Villa Musica also gives students the opportunity to participate in the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Programs. Founded in 1886, the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) is based in Toronto and is now regarded as one of the biggest and most respected musical institutions in the world. Dedicated to providing the highest and most consistent music education available, RCM strives to highlight the “transformative effect” of music and arts within the communities where they are present.

When RCM began to expand to the United States, they were looking for schools whose missions and dedication matched their expectations and levels of excellence. Villa Musica was one of those schools. Considered a Founding School, we have been a partner in quality and consistent music education with them since their start here in the United States. We share their belief in the crucial importance of music and its ability create community and promote growth as humans.

As one of these RCM founding schools, Villa Musica is able to offer the amazing curriculum that they have designed to our students here in San Diego. Following this curriculum also gives students the opportunity to take exams offered by RCM. These exams and the certification program that accompanies them create a national standard that can hold musicians to the same level of play. This allows students to track their progress and encourages goal-oriented practices and performances. Furthermore, many high schools and other music programs also recognize these exams and students have the opportunity to gain credits within their own school curriculum.

RCM exams are available to anyone who would like to sign up for them and can be taken as many times as needed until the student can gain their certification to move onto the next level. Here at Villa Musica, many of our teachers use the RCM curriculum and repertoires. Jude Weirmer’s guitar students make up one of the biggest group of RCM students here at the Villa, and in August many of them took the exams right here at our facility in Sorrento Valley.  

Thirteen of our very own Villa Music guitar students received some of the highest certifications possible on their exams, and we could not be prouder of the results. Our students performed at varying levels, with one student receiving the highest honors at Level 5! We would like to give a proud and enthusiastic congratulations to the following students for their exceptional work:

Preparatory Guitar
Natalie Martin- Center Award*
Kyla Beyer- Center Award
Aadi Jariwala- Center Award,
Colin Cooke- Center Award, State Award**, Gold Medal***

Level 1 Guitar
Haku Matsuzaki- Center Award, State Award, Gold Medal
Kona Matsuzaki- Center Award, State Award, Gold Medal

Level 2 Guitar
Akshay Vakharia- Center Award
Alex Sellemi- Center Award, State Award, Gold Medal

Level 3 Guitar
Maxen Hamelynck- Center Award
Maximilian Miesen- Center Award, State Award

Level 4 Guitar
Ethan Howe- Center Award
Imogen Weirmeir- Center Award, State Award

Level 5 Guitar
Ethan Scanlon- Center Award, State Award, Gold Medal

*Center Award- best score at exam center
**State Award- best score within the state of California
***Gold Medal- best score within the United States

Due to our founding school status and because of the number of students who take the exams at Villa Muscia, we have the unique opportunity to offer students the chance to take the exams at our facility. By turning our building into the exam center allows students to relax and feel as comfortable as possible during their exams. We are proud to have the Royal Conservatory represented within our walls and to offer our students this opportunity right here at Villa Musica.

While our guitar students represent the largest group of our students taking these exams, RCM offers exams in many other instruments. We encourage students to participate in this extremely beneficial program through Villa Musica so we can better recognize their hard work and achievements and so they can keep track of their musical progress.

Once again, congratulations to all of our students who participated in the guitar examinations!

Read more about the Royal Conservatory of Music and their exams on their webpage: