St. Paul’s Lutheran Violin Class (4 – 8th Grade)



St. Paul’s Lutheran Violin Class (4 – 8th Grade)

Weekly group instruction creates an encouraging learning environment for students by providing performance experience and peer interaction. Students are required to rent or purchase an instrument prior to the first class. Classes are geared towards establishing ensemble as well as solo performing skills. The objective of classes is to promote the student’s interest in music and the instrument through interactive and fun approaches as well as through rewarding experiences of achievements.

Violin class for grades 4 – 8, duration 45 minutes. The focus of this class is the interactive understanding of general music concepts in relationship to the violin. Correct posture and basic violin techniques are introduced. Although children are introduced to basic music notation they primarily learn to play the violin by rote.

When: Wednesdays, 3:15 – 4pm
April 10th – June 5th, 2024
Where: St. Paul’s Lutheran
Who: St. Paul’s Lutheran students, grades 4th – 8th (students are required to buy/rent violins prior to class)
Course Fee: $200 (9 weeks)
Instructor: Nathalie Galvez

Meet your violin instructor, Nathalie…

Nathalie Galvez graduated from SDSU in May of 2022 with her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education, and is currently working on finishing her teaching credential. She specializes in violin, but can also sing and play piano. She has been teaching for quite a while, and absolutely loves it. She plans to continue growing and expanding her knowledge as a music teacher so that she can give the students a quality music education and her best overall.

Interested in offering a group violin class at your school?

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