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What’s Up at the Villa?

By March 12, 2019March 16th, 2019Blog

Group Classes Spring Quarter 2019!

As San Diego’s community music center, at Villa Musica we pride ourselves on the quality education that we provide to everyone and everyone in the San Diego area who wants it! Our phenomenal group classes, which we offer in conjunction with our private lessons, are one of the things that set us apart from other music schools.  From our Music Adventures class for our toddling students to our Musical Biographies class offered to seniors with alzheimer’s, we have a group class for just about everyone! We also offer many group-based classes all around San Diego outside of our homebase in Sorrento Valley to ensure we are providing music for all! Around San Diego, we offer over 30 different classes, including our community partnerships and summer classes.

Spring into Action!

Our next round of classes start on April 1st, and will run for a 10-week quarter. This spring we are excited to offer group classes for guitar, violin, and singing. Register and pay before 3/20 to avoid an increase in price of $25!

This semester, we are offering classes in Guitar, Strings, Singing, and Early Childhood music. Continue reading for more information about the benefits of learning music in group classes, why you should take classes with Villa Musica, and what classes we are offering in the Spring!

Why Group Classes?

Music education is known to promote learning and retention of information for kids’ academic performance in the arts and the sciences. Group classes are also great ways for kids to connect with their peers and to learn how to work with others towards common goals. However, group classes and their benefits, just like Villa Musica, are not just limited to kids!

Group learning, and particularly group musical learning, fosters social skills and is a great way for students to learn specific musical skills like playing in a group and improvisionational skills for adults and kids alike! Playing for and with an ensemble allows each individual musician hone their skills within the group. This kind of group learning can only truly be mastered within an ensemble or class of musicians workings towards a similar goal!  When taken simultaneously with private lessons, our group classes are a fantastic way to apply and expand the skills learned there. 

Just as important as developing musical ability is the opportunity that group classes give to like-minded people so they get together and make a community. We constantly wish for our students to reach high musical skills, but we also recognize that a huge part of the magic of music is sharing it with others.  We place almost equal importance on the connections and friendships that are built at Villa Musica and in our group classes! Villa Musica is a place not only for many talented musicians but also for friendship and camaraderie.

Why Group Classes at Villa Musica?

Here within the walls of Villa Musica, we bring the same level of quality that we guarantee in our private lessons to our group classes. Instructed by our exceptional teaching artists, these classes are great places to learn new instruments, get better on the ones you already play, and expand your repertoire!

Most of our group classes have multiple levels. This gives students the opportunity to continue to work in a group setting even as techniques and music become more advanced! Once a student has progressed to an advanced level, we offer ensemble classes for most instruments. Our ensembles are fantastic, supportive environments for the musicians at Villa Musica to show, enjoy, and share what they have learned in the group class, expand their repertoire, and meet fellow Villa Musica community members! Ensembles are also a great way to continue learning about music, because regardless of skill level, there is always something new to be learned within community music programming!

Continue reading or head to to see the classes we will be offering this Spring!

Group Guitar

Group Guitar for Kids and Adult Beginners provides participants with an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of guitar playing. This class is designed to introduce the basics of good technique, chord structure and music reading through the playing of simple songs and the development of effective practice methods. This class is a great opportunity for those who would like to learn guitar in a group setting before making a commitment to private instruction!

Group Violin (String “FUN”damentals and String Play)

Weekly group instruction creates an encouraging learning environment for students by providing performance experience and peer interaction. Parents are encouraged to observe (and even participate) in the classes. Parental participation improves the quality of practice at home and provides support for the child. Students are required to rent or purchase an instrument prior to the first class. Classes are geared towards establishing ensemble as well as solo performing skills. The objective of classes is to promote the student’s interest in music and the instrument through interactive and fun approaches as well as through rewarding experiences of achievements.

Group Singing (La Ti Do, Junior Glee, Scene Squad)

La Ti Do (Ages 5-7)

La Ti Do introduces small groups of young singers to the essential elements of vocal technique. During this 10-week program, participants study the very beginning concepts of musical notation, breath control, vocal placement and performance techniques. The focus is learning to become comfortable making sounds and singing out loud, both alone and in a group. Small, fun, and interactive classes give students the opportunity for individual attention, while providing an environment for collaboration with other musicians their own age in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. An informal performance takes place at the end of the session, open to family and friends.

Glee Club Junior (Ages 8-10)

Glee Club Junior is a program specifically catered to our talented young singer/dancers. It’s just like the popular TV show, except you also learn HOW to learn your part in well-loved pop tunes, HOW to sing with good breath support and HOW to achieve all this while dancing some show-stopping “choralography”. Come spend time with other rising stars like you! Music is provided and the class will end with a recital for family, friends, and community members.

Scene Squad (Ages 12-16)

For young singers/actors/dancers we believe an environment of supportive mentorship and peer encouragement is crucial in order to grow. We also believe proper technique and performance opportunities refine emerging skills while preparing for future opportunities.

In our “Scene Squad” students have the opportunity to take a deeper dive into repertoire they are already learning in private lessons and/or school productions by creating staged scenes and stories, based on these songs and their texts. If participants do not have a particular song to bring, they can choose song options provided in class (based on their interest and level), to create into scenes.

Choice of repertoire is flexible: students will have significant input into choosing songs to fit themes they create, or choose themes to express their songs. Each participant will develop a greater awareness of the role they play as soloist and ensemble; and will be encouraged to push emotional limits in acting, while learning to not compromise healthy singing.

Opportunities to perform for each other are built into the program, and the whole group will present a culminating recital of their work at the end of the quarter. Skills such as reading music notation, counting rhythms, and learning harmonies will be emphasized, with a big focus on interpreting song text and characters. Choreography or staging will be directed as needed to strengthen the connection to the songs.

Early Childhood Music

This class is ideal for young students not yet sure of what instrument to learn. Weekly classes are designed to introduce the participants to different instruments and types of music while learning rhythms, recorder, movement and note-reading. Kids in this class will also make instruments and use found objects to make music while speaking and/or singing. Instrument petting zoos will be incorporated for musical discovery.